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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 26, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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thousands are in the bark. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods shows us some incredible thunderstorms. we're talking about hundreds of trees like this one, that were affected by the storms. 10s of thousands of people out of power. this was quite a powerful storm. the powerful storm raced through maryland. hitting some of the washington, d.c. suburbs hardest, places like montgomery county. >> kind of blew in from out of nowhere. then winds were swirling. i didn't see any funnel clouds or anything. but as bad a wind as we can get around here. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13 over sparks in northern baltimore county. >> it was pretty scary. >> bob watched as trees snapped all around the house. this stock, stone -- strong
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stone chimney kept a tree from crushing the house. but a tree did crush this minivan, killing one woman. >> and i was told that the tree fell down, as the car was coming through. >> reporter: medics had to rush a second woman inside the minivan to the hospital. many boaters on the chesapeake bay, also caught by surprise. dnr police blame a jet skier. and they took 37 distress calls, dispatching a crew to help stench 77 people out of the water. >> we had very many very stressed out, were very worried about their situation. many people were reporting that they were taking on water. we had persons in the water. >> throughout the region, falling trees did more than just damage property. bge reports the storm knocked out power to some 88,000. snapping power poles and even communication lines. >> i was driving. and i saw the tree start to fall. a brief storm that for some has
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left a lasting memory. >> i am feeling so lucky. i'm trying not to look at the dent in the car that was that far from where i was sitting. >> reporter: bge crews have been busy since 3:00 yesterday. and they still have a long night ahead of them. that's because there is still about 20,000 bge customers in our area, who are without power this evening. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. first warning weather coverage continues now, with meteorologist bernadette woods with more on just how strong those storms were. good evening, bern. >> good evening, jess and everybody out there. we're going to take you back to yesterday after, when the -- afternoon, when the storms were rolling through. take a look at the bright, intense showers and how widespread that was. that was the strength this was. we're going to show you, we had a tornado warning in effect for howard and montgomery counties, as the storm rolled through. and the biggest thing out of them was wind damage. eric showed, a lot of high winds associated with those storms. here are some of the numbers.
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tilghman island with the i'veest numbers to 71 miles an hour. down to frederick. 41 miles an hour. now at the airport itself. this covered a lot of the eastern half of this state. a lot of damage. but fortunately, very good cleanup weather for the conditions right now. so we'll have more on our forecast coming up shortly. jess? >> thanks, bern. wjz 13 is always on. check in for first warning weather coverage. for instant updates on the forecast and live doppler radar any time, log onto an unauthorized chase leaves the motorcycles dead. and city police officers are now suspended as the investigation intensifies. wjz is live at city headquarters with more on that accident and how it happened. good evening, mike. police policy is they're only supposed to chase if the person has committed a violent crime or poses a major safety risk to the community. right now, the controversy is whether what happened meshed with napolicy and why the officer ignored orders to stop the pursuits.
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>> reporter: an investigation is under way right now to determine whether a baltimore city police officer was out of line when he chased a motorcycle driven by 27-year- old hanes hollis willison up the highway and crashed. hollison-willis's body hit. and he died employ. >> -- died. >> as everyone knows, there is no chase policy in baltimore, unless they are going after criminals who pose a significant risk to life. and the preliminary investigation suggests none of that at this time. >> reporter: holloway willis's roommate says he was lovable. he loved working with children. he was 6'3" tall, and 300 pounds. >> i still can't believe it. justice does have to be served. >> reporter: police tell wjz,
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the northern lieutenant called off the pursuit. but the officer, timothy beal, who has been on the force nine years, didn't stop the chase. >> reporter: for whatever reason, that wasn't followed. >> reporter: state police are in charge of the investigation. >> when it's complete, it will be presented to the baltimore county state's attorney's office for review. there have been no charges filed at this time. this is probably a little nervous going on. but i don't think he would ever run from a police officer. >> reporter: holloway willison's roommate says his family is working through their grief, making funeral preparations. officer beal has been suspended with pay. >> this officer was far outside of his jurisdiction. and we need to figure out exactly what happened and why it happened. >> reporter: police say the officer originally believed the motorcycle was stolen. turns out it was not reported stolen. there's no timetable on when the investigation will be complete. but again, it's the baltimore county state's attorney who will make the decision on whether to file charges. reporting live at city police
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headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. holloway willison was wearing a helmet. he's originally from camden, new jersey. breaking news, moments ago, baltimore city police announced the arrest of two suspects in a very disturbing murder. a 23-year-old researcher at johns hopkins was stabbed to death during an apparent robbery as he walked home from penn station. tonight, an entire community is in shock. just after 11:00 sunday night, police were called to the 2600 block of st. paul street for a robbery that quickly turned into a gruesome murder. >> suspects approached him, asking for money. he turned over his money. and they stabbed him. >> reporter: 23-year-old steven pit-karen, a research technologist at johns hopkins, was found lying in a pool of blood just blocks from his home. >> reporter: police say pit- karen was walking home from a
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station. he had spent the weekend in new york city and was just getting off the bus. >> our victim was talking to his mother in florida, at the time of the incident, the robbery. and she was on the line during the incident. >> he was approached by a male and female, who took his wallet, duffel bag and ipod. stabbed him in the chest and took off. he was taken to the hospital, where he he died just after midnight. >> this is a promising, intellectually engaged man. >> reporter: colleagues at johns hopkins say pit-karen was dedicated to his research. he graduated from dalla mazoo -- kalamazoo college, spent a year in japan and planned to pursue his medical degree. >> baltimore city police just released photos of the murder suspects to wjz. the suspects are identified as 24-year-old lavelva merit, and
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34-year-old john alexander wagner. police say both have extensive criminal backgrounds. more on the arrests tonight at 11:00. a short time ago, police find a woman who was kidnapped at gunpoint. mary is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: it all started when police were called to the home early this morning in hanover. police say 26-year-old roy thomas and two other suspects forcefully removed 26-year-old 26-year-old sherry lane from her home in the 7700 block of pinion road. lane was staying with friends at the home. and investigators say thomas was an abusive ex-boyfriend of hers. just about two hours ago, police found sherry lane at a home in glen burnie, roy thomas was also arrested at the scene. lane was not injured, but she is being offered some counseling. >> police are looking for the two other suspects. finally, a break from what looks like weeks of intense heat. temperatures and the humidity are down dramatically. bob is live in the weather center with the updated forecast.
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bob? >> reporter: you can clearly see, no haze, no pollution. much, much dryer. a lot more comfortable. tonight going to be a lovely night. as far as precip concern. the closest shower activity way down in extreme western north carolina. still 88 degrees. but the humidity and the dew point is quite low. take a look at the rest of the temperatures around the state. 80 in oakland. that's the warmest i've seen there. 80 in ocean city. in between low to mid and a few upper 80s. dew points back in the 50s t. makes it comfortable. in fact, 88 degrees, with a dew point of 57. actually feels like 86. we'll talk about the rest of the week in a few minutes. jessica? >> bob, thank you. weather should be perfect for the start of ravens' training camp, bright and early tomorrow morning. but fortunately, the ravens' top draft pick will not be there. there is updated information on sergio cibdal -- kindal's head
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injury. >> reporter: this is alarming news when the ravens arrive for camp. sergio remains hospitalized in his home state with what the team now tells us is a fractured skull that he suffered in a domestic accident, when he fell down two flights of stairs. coach john harbaugh told me moments ago that kindal was at a friend's house, he got up in the middle of the night, was unsure of his way, got lost and fell down the steps and suffered what we hear is a serious injury. remains unclear whether he'll be able to play this season at all. harbaugh spoke with him this afternoon. >> he's still in hospital. he's not in any trouble. but he's in the hospital for a reason. and i think he has a fractured skull right now and a little swelling. so that's where he's at. he's not going to be able to travel for a few weeks at least. so we won't be seeing him here during training camp at all. >> reporter: while the injury news put something of a damper
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to the kickoff here at this training camp, about 20 other rookies roll in with bright- eyed optimism, anxious to get their first taste of the real nfl experience. >> a lot of people don't get this opportunity. i'm excited. i'm going to make everything come together. and just living the dream. live the dream one day at a time. >> it's exciting to finally put the pads on. we have been kind of getting familiar with the offense. and taking it slow through otas and mini camp. but now, it's about doing what you're paid to do. and ravens-rookies will be on the field later on. >> you can see the game live here on wjz. our special live coverage of the ravens-carolinas panthers game is sunday, august 12th, right here on wjz 13. 98 days into the gulf oil spill.
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and the shakeup into the gulf oil spill. bp chief tony hayward is stepping down. >> reporter: torch r tony hayward is being pushed out of his job as bpceo. hayward will work on a joint venture. hayward has been criticized for his frequent blunders during his response to the gulf oil spill. his replacement is likely bp managing director, american bob dudley. at this local diner in gulfport, mississippi hayward's exit is the hot topic. >> made a little statement about he'd like to get his life back. he may have wanted everybody to get their life back. and he's just one of them. >> but many here in the gulf coast are angry. not only at hayward's handling
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of the crisis, but his multimillion-dollar compensation package. >> i think he ought to take that money and donate it to the people in the gulf and mississippi. that's what he should do. >> reporter: tourists simply aren't coming anymore. >> first, it was shock. pretty much. and then it was really scared. because you know, i have two children. i'm a single mom and i do everything. >> reporter: she and many gulf coast residents say it's hard to feel sympathetic for hayward. >> the new report tonight finds the total cost of the disaster could be as high as $30 billion. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. cover-up. military missteps. even war crimes, disturbing documents about the war in afghanistan, released. how the white house is reacting. quick breakdowns. agonizing delays. what is being done to fix marc
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train service? i'm adam may. wjz investigates, coming up. baltimore city's beverage tax goes into effect. how does it change your buying habits? i'm mary bubala. why people are still protesting the new tax coming up. a break from the heat. don't miss the updated first warning forecast.
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baltimore's controversial
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benchage tax. >> the city approved the new 10- cent for container tax. those against the tax continued to speak out. and we will work and not go away, until this tax has gone away. opponents of the new beverage container tax came together outside of the bel bell gardens. >> my message to the city council is, please allow us to survive. you put this bottle tax on us, which is driving this to the county, which is so close. >> they say it can't shop outside. we're going to do our best to kind of offset that cost. some of us may even eat is it. in an effort to maintain our same, everyday low pricing so we do premain con competitive. >> we need to keep the people here to purchase products and
6:18 pm
don't have them going into other counties to purchase products because it's less expensive. >> last month, the city council approved the revised beverage tax. she says passage of the tax saves city jobs and services that were set for elimination. like weekend garbage pickup. and harbor cleanup. >> i understand their frustration, but the public believes that 2 cents on beverages, not even all beverages, selected beverages, is a small price to pay to make sure we continue to have 73 government. >> and those with more than 10% juice and milk and certain sized bojtses are -- bottles are exempt. >> the mayor says it helped close a $221 million budget gap. being at home and out of work is a grim prospect for many.
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but one man has turn today into an outing. a very long outing. when carey hart paddled his canoe into the hall. it wasn't casual boating, it took 36 days to get here. that's because it was about 1200 miles. and plans to continue palting right on to quebec and his lative canada. >> i lost the place i was living and decided, you have a boat, why not? you have time so i jumped in. >> not easy. >> i usually wind up staying for a couple of days and then drive back out so it's nice and night. he's had two close calls.
6:20 pm
it was a surprise storm in the southern part of the chesapeake. >> five-foot cities buried the boat and saw everything floating away. and for three days, i walked the beach. and everything came back. >> reporter: along with the physical challenges, carey hart has also found an inner reward. >> a lot of time to think out there, too. you look back on all of the things in your life that you did. and thinking is what it's all about. >> reporter: alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. carey hart figures it will take another 60 days to reach quebec. >> that is incredible. >> just hope he has the sun screen. >> i hope so. let's take a look at temps temps and conditions. warm afternoon. but much, much more comfortable. 88. dew point is down to 57. northwest winds, 7. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at very personal temperatures after this.
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the severe weather broke. hot, meticulously uncomfortable days. dangerous weather. today, upper 80s. but felt more like the mid- to upper 80s, rather than the upper 90s to mid-100s almost.
6:24 pm
let's take a look at temps now around the region. with clear skies. 88 for the dew point once again, down in the upper 50s. so 80 in oakland. they'll be in the low to mid- 50s tonight, by the way. ocean city. they'll get down to 70 close to the water. 88, 88, 84. they will get down to probably around 60 or 61. so tonight is a good night to turn off the ac for a little while. let some dryer, cooler air in. got a little breeze. been with us most of the day since that front yesterday. cleared things out. down to the south, kind of a dead old front that gave us the showers and storms yesterday. style hot and humid for us. another beautiful day tomorrow. by late tomorrow afternoon and
6:25 pm
wednesday, it starts to starts to move to the shore here. maybe slight chance thursday night. and better chance on wednesday. it will be humid again. the front comes through on thursday, with a good chance of showers and storms. behind it, temperatures drop below average. yoaght west winds economicking southeast. tonight then very comfortable, low to mid-60s most places maybe upper 60s. normally, our high tomorrow night will be dry but sun. chance maybe by late wednesday. another shower or thundershower. wednesday afternoon will feel a bit sticky. with temperatures around 90 again. but it's not going to be 100.
6:26 pm
that's for sure. >> no complaint there. still ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. permanently preventing pregnancy. for decades, women have been looking for options, other than the pill. now, a new type of contraception could be the answer. missing in action. a new type of soldier who disappears in afghanistan. this is mark viviano in westminster, where the ravens rookies arrive for the start of training camp, with one notable accident, and concern for a serious injury. i'll tell you about a football champ yoonship for baltimore that you may not know about. and the latest on the orioles when eyewitness news continues.
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just before 6:30, 88 degrees and sunny now in maryland. good evening. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. stor r. more than 90,000 pages released.
6:30 pm
joel brown reports for wjz from washington with more on the reaction to their release. the white house had tough words from the website that published over 90 how's -- 90,000 classified documents about the war in afghanistan. >> it poses a real and potential threat for those who are working hard every day. >> reporter: the files were obtained and put online by a site called wiki leaks. >> there are evidence of war crimes in this material. >> reporter: he says some documents reveal cover-ups when u.s. or ally soldiers killed u.s. or afghan civilians. it is something pakistani leaders deny. >> the white house officials say most of the documents deal with things that occurred before president obama took office. they criticized the decision to
6:31 pm
release the documents. but also said much of what in them is not new. >> cbs news national security analyst juan zerati says most of the documents appear to be field reports and may not be fully accurate. but he agrees with the white house. publishing them gives the enemy new details. >> they'll learn from them. they'll try to pull out what they can from them. and i wouldn't be surprised if some people get killed as a result of this. >> reporter: the founder of wiki leaks says this is just the beginning. his team is reviewing another 15,000 war documents before releasing them. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> tonight, the pentagon says the release of the documents does not appear to pose any dangers to the soldiers and seals. the search continues for two american service members missing in afghanistan. mary is in the newsroom with the very latest. mary? >> reporter: well, jess, the taliban claims they have the two men. and one of them is dead. the military says the two
6:32 pm
sailors disappeared in their armored suv on their way to a nearby base. it is unclear why the men wound up deep inside taliban territory, 80 miles south of the capital. u.s. and afghan soldiers are sweeping through that region now, searching for the two men. taliban says one man was killed in a shootout on friday. the other was captured. the group also claims it will turn over the dead sailors' body if the u.s. releases insurgent prisoners. back to you. the u.s. is offering up to $20,000 for information about the missing men. tonight, the fbi is searching for brazen bank robbery suspect. the man has robbed two wachovia banks. in each case, the man approaches the teller and passes a note, indicating he will blow up the bank if they don't comply. the man does have an object with the button, claiming it has been detonated to a bomb. the national transportation safety board is on the verge of releasing the final cause of
6:33 pm
last year's metro train accident in washington. this was the scene last june. one train slammed into another, stopped on the tracks. nine people were killed. dozens of others were injured. the ntsb will release the cause of that crash in the meeting tomorrow. along with recommendations to avoid a similar tragedy. >> it's been a horrible summer for commuters that depend on marc train service. serious delays. now, new questions about the cost to taxpayers. tonight, wjz investigates marc's biggest contractor. amtrak. adam may exposes a rocky track record. >> it was terrible. >> reporter: marc train 538. >> it has happened too many times. >> reporter: breaks down in a heat wave. >> it got to be 107 degrees. >> passengers baked for two hours. >> people got sick. >> some president -- some rushed to hospitals. >> it was unbearable. >> reporter: it triggered
6:34 pm
investigations, fueled the race in the government's race, and is what amtrak has been put in the hot seat. >> you haven't put passengers first. you haven't been doing that? >> no. >> the ceo of amtrak admits mistakes, while also defending his company in its findings. we found marc train is less reliable, while costing taxpayers more money than ever. in fact, marc's budget has grown to almost $200 million, while over the last decade, on- time performances has plummeted to just 86%. >> how do explain that. >> we have more breakdowns, more passengers. >> more people are using them? >> they're using them. and they're using amtrak. >> there isn't enough government funding to support this increased load. >> we've seen an improvement and an understanding that more funding will be there in the future. >> reporter: the operating for marc transit has doubled for
6:35 pm
2007. but less than half of that is recovered through ticket sales. the rest of it, subsidized through the government. >> we want people to use the system. so we don't want to raise fares. >> reporter: tax money, spent now on capital improvements will pay off in the long run. but she also admits the state needs to be a better watchdog when it comes to better problems. >> can we rely on amtrak to monitor these situations and prevent these from happening? >> we should absolutely be more proactive. >> as i said last week, we saw that they were not taking action. we should have been more aggressive. i think what we can do and must do is make sure that we're holding our contractors' feet to the fire. >> the secretary says she has no immediate plans to get rid of amtrak, even though that just happened in virginia. last month, amtrak lost its contract to operate virginia's railway express to an emerging french company. with millions of dollars on the line, amtrak wants to avoid a
6:36 pm
similar loss in maryland. the people here deserve better. and they're going to have better. >> many frequent marc passengers are skeptical. >> we're spending all of this money and not getting what we're pay for example. >> reporter: adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the investigation into the marc train breakdown should be complete next month. time now for a quick look at some stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a bike path will not go through in a bat tunnel that is home to the nation's largest bat colony. a sales tax holiday is coming up. but do they really help boost sale. >> for all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather. well, we have some sad news to report tonight, about a man officially known or unofficially known as the mayor of little italy. john penty died this afternoon at his home. he had just celebrated his
6:37 pm
100th birthday a few months ago. he also played a key role in the little italy film festival. it was from his home on high street, where his movie projector was set up. he is survived by three children, six grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. we want to extend our condolences because he has been a jewel. what a sweet man. and i'm sure the flags are flying at half staff in little italy. winding down, closing arguments in the corruption trial of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. the fallout after a festival turns deadly overseas. i'm bob turk. the first nearly ,,
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a stampede at a german festival. over a million people were attending the concert to promote peace and love. the only entrance was a narrow tunnel, which was packed with people. investigators are looking into what caused that stampede. the corruption trial for the former governor of illinois is wrapping up. rod blagojevich and his brother
6:41 pm
are accused of scheming to try to sell president obama's old senate seat. today, the federal prosecutor finished closing arguments in the case. blagojevich's attorneys argue the government can't prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. he could face millions of dollars in fines and hundreds of years in prison if convicted. if tonight's healthwatch report, permanent birth control without the invasive surgery. ashley morrison with wjz and the new type of contraception. >> 35-year-old amanda belennia had a tough time delivering her two girls. >> two previous abdominal surgeries that were major. then on top of that, each of my children were c-sections. so that created further scar tissue. >> reporter: her doctor told her she should not have more kids. so amanda looked for a permanent solution. >> knowing that i can't get pregnant, no matter what happens was the most important factor. >> reporter: instead of having
6:42 pm
surgery to have her tubes tied, she chose the new fda-approved procedure called the adiana system. there are no incisions or cuts t. requires local anesthesia. an instrument delivers low- level radio frequency to each fallopian tube. a tiny grain is then placed in each tube. >> we placed this little spongy material inside. we kind of drop it there. then the body forms scar tissue around the ponch sponge -- the spongy material and seals everything shut. >> reporter: but just like having your tubes tied, this procedure cannot be reversed. >> sterilization is sterilization. it's not our time sterilization. >> reporter: although this procedure has been available for about a year, there is only a handful of doctors doing it around the country. amanda was glad she had the option. >> in the end, when i thought of my health and being there for my two girls, it was an easy decision. >> reporter: and with virt
6:43 pm
qually no -- virtually no recovery time, she was able to stay there for her girls. >> doctors say another form of contraception is necessary are the first three months after the procedure while tissues grow around those inserts. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. hi, jessica and kai. why is iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad saying he is being ignored by the white house? we'll have that and more tonight on cbs evening news, here on wjz 13 baltimore. kai and jessica, back to you. >> thanks, katie. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,, those people are happy
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a few days ago, not so much. here's a live look outside right now. how long will you enjoy the break from the heat. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob is updating the five-day forecast. but we begin with meteorologist bernadette wood. she is live in the wjz outback with a more detailed look at what you can expect tomorrow. it was pretty close over there for the weekend. but today, fantastic. tomorrow, we hang onto the nice
6:47 pm
weather. we start out the day in the 60s. it's been about two weeks since we have been in the 60s. then tomorrow afternoon, we start to warm it up. about 89 degrees for our high overall. but very low humidity. and the temperatures drop once again tomorrow night. now, for the rest of the five- day, here's bob. and there's no heat wave. it's going to be a little warm. a few days. but really nothing lake we've seen. 89, dry tomorrow. nice day. tomorrow night, a little more humid. definitely more humidity on wednesday. maybe a shower or thundershower by nighttime. a good chance on thursday. and as it turns cooler, thundershowers. and then dropping down to 66 thursday night. 86 dry. beautiful. friday, only 84. 66, the sunshine to start the weekend. >> bob, thank you. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> excited rookies report to training camp for the ravens. sports director mark viviano is live in westminster. ,,
6:48 pm
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and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. all right. mark viviano, live in
6:51 pm
westminster for training camp. although the beginning starts off on a somber note. >> it is. one of the rookies gets a new deal. the top draft pick, not here at all he is surgeio kindle. suffered an accident when he fell down steps. it is still unclear whether he'll be able to play. orweren'tation meetings with coaches tonight. then practice tomorrow. there are a few veterans who have checked in as well. but this is a day primarily for the first year guys whose eyes are wide eep open as they get ready for the camp. is this sndz you lay out on the table and go out and det your job. so i'm excited going in. i'm excited to go in and get it
6:52 pm
done. it's that first training camp. and it is like going to a new school we find of have to feel our way through it and get through it. it's hard to contain yourself for training camp. i want to get out there and start slapping them around but can't do that until tomorrow morning. the latest from the american indoor association. 6,000 fans at first mariner arena. they rallied for a win and a perfect season. connects with nar borough.
6:53 pm
their first-ever, indoor championship. >> a lot of hard work went into this game. we're undefeated. >> they have been here. backing us up, supporting us. and we love our fans. this is great. baltimore's football city usa, add that indeer title to the ravens and colts. the stallions and the tanadian league. and the stars in the nfl. baseball and the pitchers. jake arrieta got turned around. a grand slam helped power the twins. miguel tejada says it's up to the entire team to turn it around.
6:54 pm
>> you know, i struggled. and that's what we're looking for right now. i think we just need to get hitting and it will start feeling more comfortable. bradbrad bergesen begins the starting tonight. blue jays beat. or's winless in nine games against toronto this season. first pitch at 7:07. masn hd. by the way, tie wigginton had his suspension reduced. we'll be right back. ,,
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desire don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00.
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it's the hit drama csi miami, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. a new concept for hotels in sweden aims to turn the simple treehouse into this world class destination. tree hotel consists of only four rooms right now. but two additional structures are scheduled to open in october. the goal is to have twoor rooms with 24 architects. wonder if that was designed or owned by doubletree? >> very good. i was going to say, as long as you're not afraid of heights. >> really. that's it for tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm jessica kartalija. for bob, mark, i'm kai jackson. thank you for watching wjz eyewitness news at 11:00. -- eyewitness news.s. >> couric: tonight, not just a
6:59 pm
leak but a flood of secret documents raise serious new questions about the war in afghanistan and whether a key u.s. ally is helping the enemy. i'm katie couric. also tonight an exclusive cbs news interview with the president of iran. mahmoud ahmadinejad denies he's aiding the taliban and accuses president obama of snubbing him. a shake-up is expected to put an american in charge of b.p. while tony heyward could walk away with an ocean of severance pay. and steve hartman takes the temperature of the nation and finds we're running hot. >> i wish it were winter. >> reporter: and cold. >> i love the heat. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the obama administration is dealing with a serious breach of national security tonight.


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